In aid of Teenage Cancer Trust.
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Questions for Trail:

1. What animal is on top of the oast house? Horse

2. What type of animal likes listening to music at the Micro Pub? Dog

3. What is the old farm object on the right hand side of the red telephone box? Cheese press

4. Where can you make your own wedding rings? Navette

5. Name the lady with a Pilates Studio? Suzie Staden

6. What P_________ offers security and audio visual services? Patron

7. What word is missing from? Touch 2 Heal 

8. Which King has a studio at Evegate? Ink king

9. What creatures are on the walls behind the counter of Greensleeves Country Clothing? Birds / pheasants

10. What part of an animal can you spot next to the Christmas tree in Barbara Annes Clarkes Tea rooms? Stag/deer head

11. Name the instrument with the Elf tag in the window of Stringwind Repairs? Auto Harp

12. What do Harrisons Hair Team think is a superpower? Great hair

13. What red shape is on the tins of paint sold in Nest Furniture Studio? Heart

14. Which Harvey ________, is fabulous, and supplied by Fast Track Flooring? Harvey Maria

15. Beau Beauty Salon will make you as pretty as a _________ and there are lots of them above their door? Flower

16. Which school at Evegate have campfires in the woods? Step-Out Forest School

17. Who makes custom made lamp shades? The lampshade lady

18. In Tree Studios what is with the Sombreros on a piece of furniture? Cactuses

19. What is the name of the dog having a haircut/groom/makeover at Fancy Paws stand? Pippin

20. What is the name of the barn owl from Wide Eyes Falconry?  Pebbles/Pepper

21. Ask Father Christmas who his favourite reindeer is? Dasher